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Introduces NFTs for
Physical Assets

Galileo is a multi-chain protocol that converts physical goods into NFTs enabling more liquid and reliable transactions.

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Create, Trade, and Redeem Physical NFTs through a safe and transparent protocol

Galileo Marketplace allows you to sell, buy and trade a multitude of physical assets: Real Estate, Gold & Diamonds, Art, Wine & Spirits, Luxury Cars, Luxury Watches, and so much more.
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Tokenise & trade physical assets through NFTs

The main benefit of creating NFTs of physical goods is the ability to prove the authenticity and ownership of physical assets. In a world where the counterfeit market is estimated to be worth over $500 Billion, Galileo NFTs can be a valuable tool for buyers and sellers.


NFTs for Physical Assets

Owners can digitize their assets through the creation of NFTs and guarantee the value and authenticity of the asset.

Value & Provenance of Goods

Individuals and companies can buy and sell without a trusted third party, thanks to  smart contract protection.

Invest in Physical Assets using Crypto

Investors can capitalize quickly on more illiquid physical assets, via the redemption and escrow system.

How does Galileo Protocol work ?



Download the Galileo App and explore all features related to NFTs & Physical Assets.


Buy & Trade

All items are authenticated and stored securely, you can buy and trade with confidence.


Sell & Redeem

Use Galileo for your physical assets transactions or redeem your NFT to receive your underlying asset.

NFTs are secured by the Blockchain

Using interoperable blockchain technology, information attached to virtual assets and their physical counterparts can never be modified, tampered with, or altered, providing a reliable data trail.

A More Secure and Reliable Network

Fast and Transparent Transactions

A Multi-Chain Protocol

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Trade Physical Assets on Galileo App

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