Token Generation Event

LEOX Token Generation Event

LEOX Token Generation Event

We are thrilled to announce the Token Generation Event (TGE) for LEOX.

LEOX is a game-changing token that will bring new possibilities to the world of luxury goods and open up innovative opportunities for investors and collectors alike.

The LEOX Token Contract and Etherscan Link

The LEOX token contract address is available on Etherscan

The First QRC-20 (Quant Standard) Token

LEOX is a groundbreaking token, being the first-ever QRC-20 (Quant standard) token in history to be listed on a centralised exchange (LCX). This pioneering step highlights the innovative nature of our project and demonstrates our commitment to bridging the gap between the traditional luxury industry and the world of decentralised finance.

Listing Details

The utility token LEOX is set to be listed on Monday, April 6, 2023, at 2 PM CET, on Uniswap (LEOX/USDC) and LCX (LEOX/USDC - LEOX/LCX). These listings will allow our community to participate in the exciting world of physical asset tokenisation and leverage the benefits of decentralised finance in the luxury industry.

Safety Measures and Token Contract Verification

In order to protect yourself from scams and malicious actions, it is essential to always verify the address of the smart contract. Please find the LEOX smart contract address on Etherscan

Always exercise caution and double-check the contract address before interacting with any smart contract or making transactions. Stay safe!

A Milestone for Galileo Protocol

This TGE marks a significant milestone in the development of the Galileo Protocol, and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our entire community, team members, and partners who have contributed to this landmark event. Your support and dedication have been instrumental in bringing this ambitious project to life, and we look forward to continuing our work together as we explore new frontiers in the world of physical asset tokenization.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to make strides in the tokenisation of physical assets, particularly within the luxury industry, we remain committed to providing a seamless and secure platform for our users. With LEOX, we aim to revolutionise the way people invest in and interact with luxury goods, making these valuable assets more accessible and tradeable than ever before.

By integrating our platform with the decentralised world of Web 3.0, we are opening up new opportunities for everyone involved, from established investors to first-time collectors. The LEOX token will play a critical role in facilitating these interactions, serving as a medium of exchange, a staking mechanism, and a means for community members to participate in the governance of the Galileo Protocol.

In Conclusion

The Token Generation Event for LEOX is an essential step in our journey towards reshaping the luxury industry through the tokenisation of physical assets. We are incredibly grateful to our community, team members, and partners for their unwavering support, and we look forward to sharing the exciting developments that lie ahead.

As we embark on this new chapter, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of luxury goods and physical asset tokenisation.

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